Anansi "Cap'n Crash"

The Pirate with The Plan


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At 1.8 meters, Anansi is no giant. And with a less than imposing set of muscles, he’s saved from being downright wiry only thanks to a pair of wide shoulders and the attitude of a far larger man.

With a head crowned with short, messy dreadlocks and heritage that seems to put him somewhere in-between Hawaiian and outright Asian, Anansi looks every bit the stereotypical product of the cultural and ethnic jambalaya that is the Carrib pirate scene. An image bolstered further through his sense of fashion, which combines a garish palette of colors with an outlandish mix of clothing.

From Hawaiian shirts to his signature frock coat loaded with every useless tech feature the Sixth World has to offer, his closet seems utterly devoid of anything even remotely subtle.


A former Caribbean pirate and rigger whose genius is often unhindered by his questionable sanity, Anansi is tight-lipped about the exact circumstances that lead him to become a Shadowrunner in Seattle. At best, he will rant about the cruelty of the Seattle office environment and the tyranny of genetic destiny.

Has recently been caught murmuring “BEEF FROM ABOVE!” under his breath at odd hours of the day. The reason behind this has yet to have become known, though pizza delivery boys and people with sensitive skulls have both reported strange and disturbing shivers running down their spine at odd hours of the day, alongside a growing sense of foreboding.

Anansi "Cap'n Crash"

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