Nell Mausugun


Standing at just 5’6", Nell is shorter than the average elf, though that may be partially due to her very obvious Japanese heritage. She has a thin, though athletic, build, with long black hair that is almost always held in a ponytail right at the nape of her neck. Her pointed ears are pierced many times with varied jewelry in them, though she always wears a tiny, dangling silver earring shaped like an origami crane in the bottom piercing on her right ear, and a tiny, purple Sakura flower in the bottom piercing of her left ear. Her right eyebrow is pierced once with a bar that goes through the tailing edge, and her tongue is pierced with a plastic barbell with bright purple balls.

Other parts of her are also pierced, but chances are most people won’t see those piercings. :) Along with those, she also has a very large tattoo of a Japanese-style goldfish on her back.

She frequently has a smirk on her face and a strawberry Cigarillo hanging out of the corner of her mouth (sometimes she’ll switch strawberry out for vanilla, though, a combination she refers to as “Strawberries & Cream”). She dresses in all black almost all the time … usually a snug black T-Shirt with a pair of snug black jeans or cargo pants, a black, armored jacket, and a pair of black combat boots.

Most people describe Nell as hyperactive, acerbic, sarcastic, easily angered, and fairly irreverent. She enjoys listening to early 20th century music, particularly pop icons of the era, eating really good sushi whenever she can find the real stuff, and watching old movies. She abhors Simsense and similar reality-altering entertainment, preferring the older, more traditional methods of entertainment. As such, she purchased an old movie theater in Tacoma’s “Little Asia” that was once done up in full chinatown style, with red pagoda roofs and everything. When it was actually open, it played Samurai films nonstop. As partial payback for saving her life for absolutely no reason other than that it was the RIGHT thing to do, she lives there with Roland the troll, and recently they’ve allowed the pirate rigger that they work with to move in as well. One of the theaters is still in working order, and whenever Nell can snag an old film, she keeps it in a collection that she plays for her friends. Oh, and the popcorn machine still pops popcorn (if you can find the real stuff, that is).

To most people, Nell appears to have no moral compass whatsoever – not even a moral compass that’s a bit off. She kills with little remorse, and seems to think that the world is a kill-or-be-killed sort of place, and reacts that way. She’s quite fond of ‘shoot first, ask questions later’, and prone to losing herself to rage, particularly when the Yakuza are involved. Not surprisingly, her ride is a Suzuki Mirage that she frequently drives way too fast.

Nell wields twin Ares Predators that she wears in concealable holsters at the small of her back. One is named ‘Thunder’, and the other ‘Lightning’ (their names are inscribed on their handles). When used together, they bring the rain. In addition to that, she has a knife in each boot, strapped to each thigh, strapped to each upper arm, and she has an extra survival knife on her right thigh. While she has some rather high-tech apparel to help her sneak around, she also relies on simply wearing black and wearing a ninja mask. She carries a stack of shuriken in a case on her left thigh, and has various other goodies stashed in her pockets (and one particularly deadly one in a finger compartment). When she has need of some of her other equipment, she carries it in a black, armored backpack.

When shit really hits the fan, or something seems particularly dangerous, Nell’s fond of bringing a Katana with her.


Most people know nothing about Nell’s background. She plays it close to the vest quite purposefully and dodges specific questions about her past, her family, and anything else related to those things. She often deflects by saying something that’s usually supposed to be a joke. Roland knows more about her background than anyone else, but she still keeps a lot of it away from even him.

Those who know her well know that her outer irreverent behavior, glib tongue, and even her hyperactivity all are acts to hide something. She seems to realize that those closest to her can see through that, but that doesn’t make her any less prone to actually behave that way.

When Nell does become loyal to people, she is extremely loyal. She would happily give her life for anyone that she calls a friend, twice for those who have risked their lives for her. In fact, that’s WHY she’s so secretive of her past. When friends press her about her background, she often says something similar to, “My life has hurt too many people. I won’t let it hurt you, too.”

Nell Mausugun

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