Old Mister Geppetto

Smuggler & Small Business Owner


A former elven pirate and longtime member of the Gingerbread Gang, Geppetto was one of the many pirates who were a part of the fleet as Anansi was growing up. While not a intimate parent figure growing up, the two still share that bond of loyalty and trust forged among pirates.

Geppetto took his share of the loot and turned it into an upscale, exclusive marina for the luxury yachts of the rich. Successful, popular and well-liked, he solidifies his relationship with his clients by acting as the affable and discrete middleman for anything they might desire, from the most mundane drug to the most exotic items the black market has to offer.

And it’s under this carefully constructed image of retirement from crime that he runs his various criminal enterprises. Using his marina, he has his smugglers unload their goods into hidden sections of his drydocks and subsequently floods them to conceal the goods. likewise, for a small fee he allows others the use of his “storage” facilities.

Of course smuggling’s no good if you don’t sell the stuff, so Geppetto is a rather well connected black marketeer, dealing in just about everything you could possibly want to move in or out of the country.

Alongside this rather profitable venture, his connections to the rich makes in an excellent go-between for his legitimate clients and the more criminal individuals they sometimes find themselves in need of. While he’s unlikely to ever broker real hardcore wetworks runs, he’s got the connections to score plenty of small time work.

Old Mister Geppetto

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