Roland Graceful Thunder


Roland is a 28 year old Ute troll who was mostly raised by his uncle outside the Denver sprawl. While he is small for a troll (only 7’11" tall and 580lbs), he is powerfully built and wicked fast. While his physical strength is a given, his agility and speed are mostly due to his innate adept magic. His uncle, recognizing Roland’s unique gifts, trained him from a young age in a variety of martial arts. This, coupled with young Roland’s love of old westerns and his natural affinity for guns, resulted in what his uncle ruefully referred to as a ‘Gun Fu Adept’.

His uncle also taught him the ancient ways of their people, and instilled a sense of honor and responsibility that many in his generation lacked. This isn’t to say young Roland (and indeed present-day Roland) didn’t get himself into trouble (he did), it’s just that when he did it was usually through some sense of justice he decided needed to be meted out (like the time he saved a certain elf that had gotten herself in a world of hurt with the local arm of the Yakuza… when he was finished it looked like a gangland hit, but he just stumbled upon an underboss and his thugs just as they were about to make the cigarello she was smoking her last).

He and his uncle wandered from sprawl to sprawl and while he spent much time on the streets and certainly learned to survive in those tough urban environments, he always enjoyed the time spent in the wilderness far more. It was in the desert near the Four Corners region when he went on his Vision Quest where he encountered his Mentor Spirit – a Mountain Lion.


Roland Graceful Thunder

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