The Rook

The Man What Knows


Name: ‘Jason Williams’ aka Peter Broskev, aka Dmitri Smutnik, aka Franz Behkmann, aka Jon Petersen, aka Marcus Lebauce, aka Jorge Salvatore….etc. All with proper papers, of course.
Alias: this week? His bar is called “The Rook”, and most people use it for him, as well.
Age: forty thirtysomething
Occupation: Gangster Con Artist Information Dealer Bar Owner
PB: Vincent Cassel

Allegiances: If he has them, they’re to his bar, to the game, and possibly to his long-term employees.

Personality: Nervous, twitchy, perfectionist, often given to moods and melancholy. He’s the sort that will keep books tighter than a nun’s ass, run his place with clockwork efficiency, have his fingers in every little pie in town, and then go and make a mistake so huge and glaring that even an eight year old would have known better. He’s an odd duck, is this one, but no-one can doubt he’s brilliant. Too smart for his own good, if anything. He’s got a spot-on feel for the motives and desires of others. It’s survival instinct he’s lacking, or perhaps life is another thing he’s lost the stomach for. He hides it well, but brilliant as he is, Piotr’s running a long con lately without a good hold on the take.


Piotr Kolesnikov – though no-one would know him by that name – was the only son of the famed con artist Piotr ‘The Pipe’, and has lived his life in his father’s shadow. ‘The Pipe’ was known for ripping off at least eight major American mobsters and living to tell about it. He wrote a book in prison giving away several great cons of the modern age. He said he did it to ‘raise the stakes’. For his part, Piotr the Younger grew up with the con in his blood and as much a part of his early education as the ABCs. Nowadays, though, he says he doesn’t have the stomach for it. This may have to do with his father’s recent death of a heart attack, of all things. It may also have to do with what-or-whoever gave him the long scar that bisects his face, but he isn’t talking about that to you, your sister, or anybody else.
For all he doesn’t talk, though, he sure hears a lot. Just about every bit of intel from the Triads, the bratva, la cosa nostra, to what Lone Star is up to comes through his place at one time or another. Now getting it out of him, that’s another matter.

Job Detail: Runs a nice bar that serves as a meeting place for just about everyone who’s everyone. He’s well known for giving free tab for intel, and even his employees are versed in the who’s who of the city’s crime scene. People can leave information, or try and pick some up, whatever they want. Just don’t trash the place, don’t start a fight inside (that’s what the alley’s for, innit?), don’t bring the pigs around – in short? Don’t leave a fuckin’ mess.

The Rook

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