Touma Keigo


Touma Keigo is a tall, Elven vagabond of Japanese descent who is currently a human’s equivalent of twenty-five years-old. His “faded glam” look is accentuated by shaggy silver and black hair, multiple piercings, and a bad smoking habit. Despite looking like a tattered and bedraggled rock star, Touma supposedly comes from money—and could go back to money “if he felt like it”—but he doesn’t like to linger on the subject.

As a member of the band Iscandar!, Touma operates under the name of “Castien Frye” and acts primarily as the group’s bassist and vocalist.

Touma is a long-time close friend of the “Spriggan”, Elfie Springham, and the two are usually seen together if not in the company of their fellow band-mates.

Touma Keigo

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