Tag: fixer


  • Old Mister Geppetto

    A former elven pirate and longtime member of the Gingerbread Gang, Geppetto was one of the many pirates who were a part of the fleet as Anansi was growing up. While not a intimate parent figure growing up, the two still share that bond of loyalty and …

  • Router

    This fixer goes by "Router". He connects people who need things with people who make things happen. He's found Iris Clark a few low-end jobs, but nothing impressive yet.

  • The Rook

    Piotr Kolesnikov - though no-one would know him by that name - was the only son of the famed con artist Piotr 'The Pipe', and has lived his life in his father's shadow. 'The Pipe' was known for ripping off at least eight major American mobsters and living …