Tag: human


  • Erik "Argent" O'Connor

    *Personality:* Erik is a quiet and observant type, the kind who mostly listens during a conversation and only speaks when he has something important or useful (or sarcastic) to say. Erik is patient, professional, and precise when working, but much more …

  • Elfie "Spriggan" Springham

    h2. Appearance Elfie stands at roughly 5’3” and is of a lean, wiry build. A pretty, androgynous face is marked by the almost fairy-like features from which Elfie's name supposedly comes, and is framed by loose tufts of short hair dyed in a brunette-to …

  • Anansi "Cap'n Crash"

    A former Caribbean pirate and rigger whose genius is often unhindered by his questionable sanity, Anansi is tight-lipped about the exact circumstances that lead him to become a Shadowrunner in Seattle. At best, he will rant about the cruelty of the …

  • Simon Knox

    Simon is a staffer for one of Seattle's senators. Iris Clark saved his life a few years ago when he had an adverse reaction to some new bioware that he recently had implanted.