Tag: npc


  • Jengo Matiba

    Jengo Matiba is a African (not African-American, he'll tell you) troll working for Knight Errant as a beat cop and a not-particularly-close friend of Argent. Jengo is a hulking brute, even for a troll, and is a lot smarter than he looks. He acts the part …

  • Bridget Dancing Snake

    Bridget Dancing Snake is a tall and extremely attractive elf of Amerind descent who runs a fairly popular (and surprisingly legal) magical supply shop called Magical Dreaming. Some of what she sells is crap for tourists, wannabes, and back-to-nature types …

  • Old Mister Geppetto

    A former elven pirate and longtime member of the Gingerbread Gang, Geppetto was one of the many pirates who were a part of the fleet as Anansi was growing up. While not a intimate parent figure growing up, the two still share that bond of loyalty and …

  • Simon Knox

    Simon is a staffer for one of Seattle's senators. Iris Clark saved his life a few years ago when he had an adverse reaction to some new bioware that he recently had implanted.

  • Router

    This fixer goes by "Router". He connects people who need things with people who make things happen. He's found Iris Clark a few low-end jobs, but nothing impressive yet.

  • 50 Cal

    50 Cal is a pixie who knows her firearms. She likes big explosions and bigger guns. The only problem is that she can't actually use them herself due to her size, so she relies on her ork friend to do the heavy lifting of her business. She sold a limited …