Erik "Argent" O'Connor

Human mage and investigator


Personality: Erik is a quiet and observant type, the kind who mostly listens during a conversation and only speaks when he has something important or useful (or sarcastic) to say. Erik is patient, professional, and precise when working, but much more casual and relaxed when not on a job. Erik often comes across as a bit stuck-up or arrogant even when not on the job though he doesn’t realise it. He also sometimes comes across as overly cautious, especially when he feels like he doesn’t have enough information to make an unquestionable decision.

Physical Description: Erik is quite tall for a human at 1.91 meters and has an average build and weight (91kg) for his height. He has pale skin, bright blue eyes, and light brown hair that he keeps down to his shoulders. His hair is streaked in several places (largely at the temples) with silver, the consequence of banishing a particularly powerful spirit while at SI&SS and putting himself in the hospital. The silver in his hair is part of what inspired his runner handle. He has a neatly trimmed beard and mustache that, combined with the silver in his hair, makes him look a great deal older than his real age. On any given day, Erik is wearing jeans, heavy combat boots, a polo shirt, his big heavy (and armored) duster, and a fedora that’s surprisingly useful in the Seattle weather.

Erik "Argent" O'Connor

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